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Fraudulent products
Diets that don't work and False Perceptions:-
The Dietitian In its simplest form if you take out more than you put in you will lose weight. To put this more scientifically:- You either need to reduce the number of calories you take in or increase the number you expend or burn off. In the optimal solution you should do both! This is not a two day or two week fad it's a lifelong commitment to:-

  • reducing your total caloric input
  • lowering your saturated fat consumption
  • increasing consumption of fruit, vegetables and whole grains
  • regular exercise or physical activity
Many companies claim that their program will work and many even claim that "they are not a diet." Often these claims are not substantiated by research. The Federal Trade Commission has been investigating some diet firms and their "non diet" programs for fraud and there have been a number of Senate Subcommittee hearings looking into regulating the diet industry.

"Nutrition... has been kicked around like a puppy that cannot take care of itself. Food faddists and crackpots have kicked it pretty cruelly... " - ADELLE DAVIS

"Not only don't diets work, they're actually designed to fail. It's not you or your lack of will power that's the problem. It's that diets by their very nature simply don't work!" - BOB SCHWARTZ

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