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Discover the in's and out's of transdermal diet patches
Weight Loss Patches are designed to stimulate the thyroid gland, thereby increasing the body's metabolic rate. Theoretically this increases energy and speeds up calorie consumption. Logically, assuming you don't take in more calories, to counteract the increased metabolism, you should lose weight.

Transdermal patches are similar to cigarette and birth control patches, in that the medication is induced into the body via the skin. Currently available diet patches apparently deliver "all natural" ingredients through your skin into the bloodstream. You simply apply the patch to your arm and the ingredients are absorbed transdermally over a period of about 24 hours. You repeat this process for several weeks. Claims have been made that you will lose as much as four pounds a week.

Any person that really wants to lose weight knows that there is no quick fix. Unfortunately weight loss or diet slim patches are in fact generally unproven in the market and have no approval by governmental or state level health organizations. Many of these products have not even gone through the pre-market approval which is required by the US FDA and are therefore illegally marketed as well.

Not much medical evidence exists to support the idea that weight loss or diet patches assist weight loss in any way. Having said that, science and technology advances on a daily basis and there are a few dermal patches emerging as reputable. The use of the word "natural" as a sales pitch often puts an unfair spin on the product. With a few exceptions, these patches should be avoided! As one source put it:- "The only practical use for a weight loss patch is to stick it across the door of your refrigerator so you can't open the door." Oh and one more thing if its on TV doesn't mean it works!

If you need to buy a patch or need to experiment, we suggest 1800 patches as a reputable supplier.

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"It's important to watch what you eat. Otherwise, how are you going to get it into your mouth ?" - MATT DIAMOND.

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for they are sticking to their diets." - ANONYMOUS

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